Traveling in Europaviertel

Europaviertel has an excellent public transportation infrastructure. The Messe and Gallus rapid transit stations – and the extension of the U5 light rail line into Europaviertel (a joint project of the city of Frankfurt and mass transit operator VGF) – provide links with the city center, central railway station, and airport. The road network takes drivers to the A648 motorway in a matter of minutes. From there, the A5 and A66 are readily accessible. This extensive transport network is rounded off by a bus route and cycle paths. In Europaviertel, travelling is always quick and comfortable.

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Construction of the tunnel in Europaviertel

In close collaboration with the city of Frankfurt, aurelis is responsible for developing infrastructure for Europaviertel, including construction of roads, footpaths, parks, and the tunnel under Europagarten. The tunnel will feature two outer sections for road vehicles, and an inner section for public transportation. As part of a project by the city of Frankfurt and mass transit operator VGF, the inner section will be for the U5 light rail line. Preparatory building work began in early 2014, and the main development started in January 2015. In late 2016, aurelis plans to hand the tunnel over to the city and declare the outer sections open – road vehicles will be able to travel underground between Emser Brücke and Am Römerhof. After this stage has been reached, Europagarten will be completed.

The three phases of the tunnel’s construction